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Tokyo Metropolitian Expressway (2002)

Jesper Nordahl

TerrorResist (2003)

Marc Bijl

UnFolded Flying Object (UFFO) (2004)

Katarina Löfström

Some Things are Better Left Unexplained (2004)

Gabriel Lester

Painting Myself Into a Corner (2005)

Jan Christensen

The Man From Elsewhere (2007)

David Blandy

This is the Sign You Have Been Waiting For, Yesterday is Crowding Up My World (2007)

Bjørn-Kowalski Hansen

Untitled (2008)

Kader Attia

Twentieth Century Legacy (2009)

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Site Project (2010)

Olav Westphalen

Making a Sculpture with the Help of a Legal Drug (2002)

Johan Zetterquist

Site project No 5 (2003)

Hassan Khan

Site Project no 7 (2004)

Børre Sæthre

Untitled (2004)

Juan Pedro Fabra Guemberena

Untitled (Yestarday, Today, Tomorrow) (2006)

Johan Thurfjell

100 Bent Spoons (2007)

Julieta Aranda

Photographs (2008)

Martin Jacobson

5×7: verbal transcription notes, (2009)

Tris Vonna-Michell

Spotted Women 2:2 (2009)

Loulou Cherinet

Publisher and Editor in Chief

Sven-Olov Wallenstein


Tim Anstey, Brian Manning Delaney, Power Ekroth, Jeff Kinkle, Trond Lundemo, Staffan Lundgren, Karl Lydén, Helena Mattsson, Meike Schalk, Susan Schuppli, Kim West.



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